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Why are Online Slots Featured at Our Online Casino?
Online Slots games by far is the most popular casino games atpanthercasino.com ! No matter which online slot game you select, all playing variations include state-of-the-art 3D graphics, bright blinking lights and music so realistic you will feel as though you are sitting at a slot machine in a casino on the Vegas strip or the French Rivera and not in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas.

When it comes right down to wining at slots it doesn't matter which slot machine, Fruit Machine or pokies that you pick to play at our UK Online Casino or which on is your favorite slot , because they all offer unique and exciting opportunities to win big money especially when you pay with our $10,000 Welcome Package.

Although there may be different online casino rules for #pokies or your favorite Fruit Machine for each particular game, they all have the same general 3D slots rules.panthercasino.com recommends readings the following information about different types of slot machine offered on to begin winning big cash prizes now and you have the convenience of using your Paypal account to send money to you Panther Casino playing account.

Panther Casino Most Popular Online Casino slots include Video, Classic Slots and 3D Slots in the following categories:
  • Video Multi Spin
  • Multi Line Video
  • 3D Progressive Slots
  • Classic Single Line
  • Classic Multi Line
Video Multi-Spin: These casino online #slots also offer numerous payout lines, even up to 50 or 100 different payout lines! But there is an additional fun and exciting twist. However, the player is allowed to spin the reels more than once to create the best possible combinations. Players also have the option of holding certain reels during the next spin.

Classic Multi-Line Slots: A step up from classic single-line slots, this version increases your chances of winning bigger cash prizes. Classic multi-line games offer numerous payout lines, which give each player better odds at winning at our online casino.

Progressive Slots: Try winning a side jackpot while playing online casino slots. Playing Progressive Slots means that the money bet while playing slots also goes into a shared jackpot between all online casinos using the same online gambling software and the jackpot climbs and climbs until the jackpot is won.

This means you have the potential to win twice, while playing the regular casino games and a massive cash prize of the jackpot. As soon as the Progressive Jackpot is won, it will automatically reset to zero and you can begin the fun all over again.

Classic Single-line Slots: The most traditional version of slots, this simple yet entertaining game features a single payout line.

Panther casino has over 300 online slot games and with our huge $10,000 welcome package plus offering both a Live Dealer Casino and Mobile Casino there is no need to play at any other Paypal online casino and do not forget we offer a No Deposit Casino Option for our 3D Slots.