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Fair Gaming

How Fair Gaming is Guaranteed at Panther Casino
  • Panther Casino.com guarantees that their online casino provision is 100% fair. We use a Random Number Generator for all online casino games, and our payout percentages are displayed.
  • A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer program which randomly produces the game results.
  • These results cannot be predicted, and are subject to casino games rules.
  • The RNG is completely random and the results cannot be manipulated. The RNG produces the outcome of each card deal and every dice roll, without any unrealistic duplication (such as two of the same card dealt at the same time).

How do I know Your Online Casino Will Not Manipulate the RNG?
  • The RNG cannot be manipulated.
  • We would lose online casino members if we did not provide a fair gaming environment.
  • Online casino players would be able to use any set patterns to their advantage and use this against the casino.
  • The internet would leak this information which would be harmful to our product and our reputation.
  • It is in our best interest to keep our gaming environment completely unbiased.

How can I be certain that the Online Casino Random Number Generator (RNG) at Panther Casino is 100% reliable?
  • The RNG is made up of mathematical equations called algorithms. These conform to expected industry standards for both our online casino and mobile casino.
  • A test of the RNG involves a sequence of 300,000,000 (three hundred million) numbers to ensure excellent functionality.
  • The RNG is thoroughly tested on an ongoing basis to make sure that our members receive the fairest possible gaming environment.
  • Our RNG is governed by our online casino and mobile casino licensing agreement.