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Panther Casino Partners - Who We Are

  1. Panther Casino Partners operate one of the Fastest Growing Online Casino Affiliate Programs because we pay our Affiliates Weekly - NO MISPRINT - Weekly!
  2. Panther Casino Partners run the NO-SMALL-PRINT Casino Affiliate Program
  3. Panther Casino Partners Pay a Flat 45% Commission
  4. Panther Casino Partners pay 60% on your Anniversary Month

Panther Entertainment Group is one of the few true international casino affiliate programs because we accept players from 99% of the planet including the US, Turkey, France, Germany, Norway, Italy and Russia.

The co-founder of Panther Casino comes from a casino affiliate background so we know very well what it is like to operate as an affiliate... and have to put up slow commission payments - and this is why we decided pay our affiliates weekly.

  Why Join Panther Casino Partners?

  • We will accept your players from countries that other casino affiliate programs will not.
  • All your players can receive 20% Cash Back on all their casino play PLUS our sportsbook pays 20% Cash Back on NFL, NBA, NHL and Premier League plus every other pro sports league that we post odds.
  • We ask you to have a look at our home page bonuses and if you can show us one other casino site that offers anything close to what we are offering in sign up bonuses, free cash giveaways and player cash-back we will immediately bump your affiliate commission up to a flat 50% - FOREVER.
  • Panther Casino has a very experienced, dedicated and proactive conversion team, with Account Managers committed to keeping your players active longer and more profitably.
  • We offer in-depth report analysis and tracking you can rely on.
  • We offer affiliates a suite of 400+ online casino games, a Mobile Casino, Live Casino, Slot play and a fully featured sportsbook... and MOST importantly - banners that convert!
  • Panther Casino Partners are 100% committed to working with all our affiliates - big or small - by creating win-win new promos for your players. If you need a custom promo, please contact your affiliate manager and if the deal makes sense to us we can set it up for you!
  • You will have direct reporting access to see your players' deposits in real time.
  • If you need a special landing page and/or banner built, tell us your requirements.

  We Pay Our Affiliates Weekly After 14 Day Hold - YES WEEKLY!

When we get paid from our banks for your players' credit/debit card processing, We Pay You.

  • NO Other Online Casino that we know of pays their affiliates Weekly

  • NO Longer will you have to wait 10-15 days after the end of the month to get paid.

  • The NO-SMALL-PRINT Casino Affiliate Program
    Panther Casino pays a Flat 45% Commission and 60% on your Anniversary Month!

  Affiliates Are Paid 45% Commissions Right From The Very First Player.

We have one qualification to get paid weekly - and that qualification is that our banner, button or contextual back link must have a top 5 placement above the page fold on your site. If you cannot offer us this preferred placement we will have pay you every 30 days instead of weekly - but that is still quicker than other affiliate programs. Simply put - you give us top placement on your site and we pay you weekly.

  • 60% Commissions will be paid for your signup anniversary month every year. Simply have 150 active players that have made at least one deposit in the previous month before your anniversary commissions are due and we will pay you an unheard of 60% commissions on all the volume generated during your anniversary month.

  • Our Casino Affiliate Program pays you 60% commissions when you will be due the big commissions, not in the first month when your commissions will be just starting to ramp up.

  • With Panther Casino Partners, no longer will your players have to lose $50K - 100K every month in order for you to get paid a measly 35% commissions, or lose $200K or more in order for you to get paid a 40% commissions.


Some affiliates opt for our CPA payment schemes which differ slightly from our Revenue share model. If you opt for a CPA deal, you will be paid a flat rate for every qualifying player you direct topanthercasino.com. Please be aware that amounts you are paid may vary by market and product. Please call your affiliate manager for more details.

  Second Tier

Earn more commission by referring webmasters to Panther Casino Partners. Should you wish to find out more about this or ask any questions concerning our Casino Affiliate Program at affiliates@panthercasino.com.

       TAKE ACTION NOW: Make the Right Decision To Get Paid Weekly, not Weakly!